About Us

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At OUTLIV, we believe that fabric should out live us all and not be so easily disregarded and disposed of.  We are proud to be a brand with strong values and are committed to recycling, supporting a local community of talent and inspiring positive change in the fashion industry. We are also socially responsible and give back to our environment. 

When producing new leather and denim fabrics the amount of pollution that is created and that runs into the rivers, oceans and seas is frightening and toxic to our planet.  We are so proud to be offering you a product that in no way contributes to this. 


Our environmental focus was a very important consideration when it came to designing our brand logo which mirrors the element symbol for both ‘earth’ and ‘water’ and reminds us every day of our purpose.


Each bag has been designed with the aim of maximum consumption of recycled fabric with low to zero waste.  We make sure we are constantly learning and bettering our products to ensure they are truly ethical and sustainable.  We source high grade vintage and second-hand recycled clothing and aim for quality and not quantity in our slow fashion business model.


This also means that every single bag we produce here in New Zealand is unique with no two ever the same.  Cool huh?!  Our focus is on genuine leather and durable sturdy denim. All the fabrics we use, including the various lining fabrics, are all taken from 100% recycled clothing.  Even the OUTLIV patch is made from recycled fabric and we intend to continue making our product as ethical as we can.


Lastly, but most importantly to us, we contribute a percentage of our profits from every bag sold to a charity or organisation that helps to give back to our environment.


There are so many possibilities when choosing to recycling fabrics… Outliv's mission is to do just that & have fun with it!!