The Bananarama Tote is made from a mix of recycled fabrics... with recycled denim being the key component.

Blue, cloud blue and blonde blue denim exterior with deep red leather straps and a blue branded patch.  We love that you can see evidence of this fabrics past life with by the drip of paint on the back lower cloud blue panel.

There are lush deep red tones inside with a mix of floral and funky eighties patterned lining.

Exterior:  100% recycled denim and leather.
Interior: 23cm zipper pocket, leather embossed label, 100% recycled fabric lining and leather.

Dimensions: H46cm x L40cm x B9cm
Strap Length: 43cm
Handle Drop: 18cm

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Delivered to you in a box that has an 80% recycled content and fully recyclable... wrapped up in an acid free biodegradable tissue paper.