We believe that it is so important to be socially responsible and to give back to the environment at every opportunity possible in business. This is why we choose to work with and help to support local environmental organisations and charities. Meet our friends….



At Outliv, we believe that it is so important to give back to the planet and not always just take. 

We have started by contributing $3.50 from our profit on every bag sold to the non-profit organisation Sea Cleaners.  Our donations are made on a 6 monthly basis and to date we have donated $166.

The Sea Cleaners have been doing amazing work for over 15 years and have taken an estimated 5.1 million litres of rubbish from the coast since 2002. AMAZING…..!

By selling our first 8 bags from of each style we will be able to support the Sea Cleaners fleet of boats for two days to take to the waters to remove an estimated 10,000 - 20,000 litres of rubbish from our oceans around the Waitemata, Manukau and Northland Harbours combined.  Thumbs up big time!

To find out more about Sea Cleaners please check them out at  Better still donate your time and effort to helping clean up!



An amazing Hospice that recycles to raise funds is Mercy Hospice.  The Sisters of Mercy first came to New Zealand in 1850 from Ireland and since then the hospice has been supporting people with life limiting illnesses in the community as well as within the St Joseph's Unit. A positive by-product of their work is recycling clothes which helps to put an end to fast fashion.

OUTLIV volunteer their time to support the Mercy Hospice team in the form of fundraising events.  We are really excited to help prove that second hand clothing is awesome…  especially when buying it you are helping to support your local community and environment around you.

To find out more about this amazing charity visit there just may be an event on soon that takes your fancy.



Unlike traditional hospices, Dove Hospice supports people who have a terminal prognosis and also those who expect a full recovery.  Dove offer care through holistic well-being, support and by complementing services provided by other specialist hospices. As the care that Dove provides falls outside of the traditional government funding, they rely completely on support from the community, with the majority of their fundraising done through their retail shops.

This is where OUTLIV comes in.  Each member of OUTLIV donates at least 6 hours of their time per month to the Dove distribution centre in Auckland where donations of products are sorted and then distributed between their 6 stores where they raise money to be able to offer free treatments and services to people and families in need. 

We find it so interesting to see all the clothing and fabrics that pass through the distribution centre.  Clothes that are old, and clothes that are new, are disregarded at such a speed that there is a constant need for volunteers which is why we love to help.  We were shocked to find out that Dove Hospice spend over $40,000 annually to get rid of product that has been donated but is actually rubbish and waste.

The Dove Hospice distribution centre is such an amazing place full of people with big hearts and big grins.  To find out more about Dove Hospice please visit  Find the closest store to you… or even enquire to volunteer!



The Devonport Community Recycling Centre, a waste transfer station, is set to become a flagship for community recycling and zero waste innovation.  Forty years on and this facility, now run by the charitable trust called Global Action Plan Oceania, has the chance to lead the region as champions of zero waste dedicated to using waste as a resource.

As OUTLIV loves recycling it only felt natural that the photos for our first campaign were shot in a recycling centre of this kind…  and this place is impressive so how lucky were we to get permission?! 

It just so happens that the park next door to the Recycling Centre, Ngataringa Park, was a landfill in the 1960s on top of marshy mud and a foundation of old kauri wood from demolished houses in the area.  Now this park is a huge green space, light and airy, with a pretty sweet skate park in the middle.  You will also see this was used in our campaign too.

To find out more about this centre check out where you can find out more about their selection of educational programmes.