"Totes There 4 Ya"; during plastic free July

It's so amazing to see so many people getting on board with 'Plastic Free July' this month.... and launching into the challenge to 'Choose to Refuse' single use plastics. 

It's sickening just how toxic plastic is to our environment and to each of us which is why it's also SO IMPORTANT that we start to make decisions together to reduce plastic in a big way.

The amazing team over at Plastic Free July have just become an independant not-for-profit charitable Foundation whose vision is 'a world without plastic waste'.  Their website is full of amazing tips for getting started and ways in which your consumer choices can make a big impact for the good.

We too, are concerned about our environment and doing what is best for us and generations to come so to help do our bit this month we are offering a special 10% off all Chrissie and Bananarama Totes to help encourage you during 'plastic free July'.  

Our totes are the perfect size for carrying extra bits like... fold away reusable shopping bags, keep cups, stainless steel straws, reusable containers and a bit of your shopping too....  (don't forget your wallet and phone of course!!... oh and your make up... and that other stuff too).

No time to waste so use this code TOTESTHERE4YA at check out to claim your discount!! 

So check out www.plasticfreejuly.org now to plan your month and work towards living a plastic free lifestyle.

Good on You!!