The Neneh Purse is made from a mix of recycled fabrics... with upcycled leather being the key component.  This design incorporates more smaller pieces of leather which means we get to use more of our offcuts from production and reduce waste (yay!). This purse also works well as a mini clutch.

Black, textured, mottled and dark chocolate leather with some nice shiny foil coated denim; finished with a blue branded patch. The lining is rosey!

Exterior:  20cm zipper, 100% upcycled leather and a branded patch made using pre-loved clothing.
Interior: 100% recycled fabric lining, embossed leather label

Dimensions: L20cm x H11cm

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Delivered to you in a box that has an 80% recycled content and fully recyclable... wrapped up in an acid free biodegradable tissue paper.