Amy Conlon

Amy Conlon

Our Founder

Amy’s background and experience in the fashion industry goes back to 1998 when she started studying fashion at the Auckland University of Technology in New Zealand.

Amy’s career started in retail and progressed to workrooms, fashion studios, fashion manufacturers and creating a small range of leather belts and accessories under her own label, AJC, before heading to the UK to live and work in what she experienced to be one of the most exciting and adventurous fashion capitals in the world.

Amy lived and worked in the UK for 12 years. In this time working in design roles in both Manchester and London for a range of different types of fashion businesses from luxury brands, fast fashion retailers, high street brands, suppliers and creative fashion agencies. Amy traveled throughout Europe on fashion buying and inspiration trips falling in love with fashion and spent time advancing her knowledge by studying at the London College of Fashion and Central Saint Martins, both prestigious amazing fashion colleges.

All of this experience gave Amy the opportunity to understand the fashion supply chain from many angles.

Moving back to New Zealand in 2014, with her family, gave Amy the opportunity to reassess and realign my career with her own personal ethics. Amy no longer wanted to be part of the supply chain creating endless amounts of product that our planet did not need, with the forever growing landfills world wide and toxic waste being flushed into rivers and oceans around the world.

Outliv was created to give example to the beauty that could be created by recycling. Outliv is committed making beautiful lush, and modern new handbags made using recycled clothing & with an equal focus on the importance of raising awareness for a more conscious consumer choice for the good of our planet.

“Welcome to Outliv. Come join us on our journey creating beautiful product through recycling… & creating powerful and positive change”. Amy Conlon x