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We respect the time and effort that goes into making clothes, clothes that get dismissed and discarded so easily and destined for landfill. We turn recycled clothing into modern, lush accessories with a focus on genuine leather and denim.

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We source high grade recycled clothing, from hospice and charity stores in New Zealand. We use this recycled clothing to make our unique and lush accessories.  Our philosophy is that we source high grade clothing that has flaws and would otherwise be destined for landfill.

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Our brand is a slow fashion brand. We have a small team at the OUTLIV studio and a small network of amazing machinists who take their time to carefully construct our lush bags. From cutting to receiving our production fully constructed takes an estimate of 8-10 weeks.

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It is important that OUTLIV incorporates social responsibility in our business model. Therefore, we commit to donating $3.50 (nzd) to environmental organisations with each bag sold.

We also commit our time, as a business, to volunteering for local charities.

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We choose to support local businesses at all opportunity. We source our fabrics locally, we source our trims from local suppliers, our packaging is made locally, our branded patches are made locally & our awesome bags are made locally here in New Zealand.

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Through our pledge to use recycled clothing to make our modern, lush accessories we are in no way contributing to the water pollution and waste that is a by-product of making new leather and denim fabrics in many fast fashion manufacturers around the world.

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We believe all businesses should encompass a circular business model which is why we have committed to our ‘Recycle-Reuse-Repurpose’ concept. When your OUTLIV accessories have seen too much love and seen better days we will take these from you and repurpose them and giving you 50% off your next Outliv purchase.

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We believe that our design structure, incorporating recycled clothing to make our accessories, is a system which is better for our planet. This is a strategy that can be supported indefinitely and which is more thoughtful for our planet and everything that lives here… there is no planet b.

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All our bags are designed with consideration given to low to zero waste. Each bag is cut by our small team in the OUTLIV Studio, ensuring we get the most use out of the clothing we are cutting from.

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We are considerate at every stage of our production to ensure that our accessories are produced fairly. The OUTLIV studio and our business partners, guarantee ethical labor practices ensuring of no child labour, no discrimination and fair working conditions and wages.

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Due to the nature of our design process using recycled clothing for the fabric for our accessories, every item is unique and individual with no two ever identical.

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Our bags are made by artisans in beautiful New Zealand.