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The Cyndi Purse has been made from a mix of recycled fabrics... with recycled leather and faux fur being the key components. This faux fur has been taken from pre-loved and cuddled teddy bear fur (yup that’s right… teddy bears!!) and the other fabric from pre-loved clothing.  

You’ll never want to put this purse down… it’s so fluffy and soft!!

Black leather body with baby pink, red, white and teddy tiger teddy bear fur patchwork design & a pink branded patch. Inside the lining is a retro, floral fun!!

Exterior:  22cm zip, 100% recycled teddy bear fur, 100% recycled leather, branded patch made using recycled clothing
Interior: 100% recycled lining, embossed leather branded patch

Dimensions: L22cm x W13.5cm

*this is one of our Cyndi Purse first samples. We hope you love the faux fur colours like we do… !

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Delivered to you in a box that has an 80% recycled content and fully recyclable... wrapped up in an acid free biodegradable tissue paper.