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Refuse Fast & Throw Away Fashion. Learn why and learn how…. ; Clare Press is the Sustainability Editor at Vogue Australia, Author of Rise & Resist, Presenter at Wardrobe Crisis Podcast, Global Ambassador for Make Fashion Circular and Consultant. Clare interviews change makers, and sustainable fashion advocates from all around the world for her podcast ‘Wardrobe Crisis’. Find out why it is important for us to make considered and conscious decisions around what we choose to wear by checking our her book ‘Rise & Resist’ and her podcast ‘Wardrobe Crisis’ today!! ; Kate Hall is a Eco Lifestyle Blogger, Brand Ambassador and enthusiast bringing you eco living inspiration through her honest and endearing blog. Let Kate tell you about products she has tried and tested to help you on your sustainable journey to a less waste lifestyle. ; Fashion Revolution is a global movement that runs all year long and their vision is that the fashion industry values people, the environment, creativity and profit in equal measure. Fashion Revolution’s aim is to unite people and organisations to work together towards radically changing the way our clothes are sourced, produced and consumed, so that our clothing is made in a safe, clean and fair way while also having a positive influence for a more sustainable way of living. ; Following international river conservationist, Mark Angelo, RIVERBLUE spans the globe to infiltrate one of the world’s most pollutive industries, fashion. Narrated by clean water supporter Jason Priestley, this groundbreaking documentary examines the destruction of our rivers, its effect on humanity, and the solutions that inspire hope for a sustainable future. ; This website was created with the point of asking people who wouldn’t normally give a shit about this sort of thing to start by changing just one thing. Caring can spread. ; This is a documentary about the clothes we wear, the people who make them, and the impact the industry is having on our world. ; Be prepared for a life less wasted.


Reduce Mircofibres and Landfill. ; Protect the ocean environment with this easy-to-use laundry ball that catches microfibers shedding off our clothes in the washer. ; Scientifically approved solution against microplastic pollution from washing. It reduces fibre shedding and protects your clothes. ; Global Fashion Exchange is an international platform promoting sustainability in the fashion industry with inspiring forums, educational content and cultural events. Through interactive clothing swaps GFX empowers consumers to take action for a better environment while they stylishly renew their wardrobe and save hundreds of thousands of clothes from going to the landfill.

Find a clothes swap event locally to you, or better still organise a GFX swap event or a swap party with you friends and make a fun night of it.

“The most sustainable garment you own is the one already in your wardrobe”. Orsola De Castro; Founder and Creative Director of Fashion Revolution ; An environmental organisation which removes rubbish from the seas, harbours and oceans locally in New Zealand. Volunteer your time for a day to help an amazing organisation like Sea Cleaners to clean up your local area or plant some trees!. While you’re there you will meet like minded people who care about our planet too! Find your tribe!


Care for your clothing, read the watcher labels and make sure you are being mindful about the process in which this is done to ensure you get maximum wear from you clothing while at the same time caring for the planet. ; EcoStore put your health first with safer, healthier, plant based product that and guaranteeing excellent results while safeguarding the earth for future generations. ; ‘Planet Money Makes A Tee Shirt’. Watch this to find out just how much time and resources go into make a standard tee shirt. It is important that we are mindful of the processes behind producing clothing and for this reason appreciate and care for our clothing.


Loved Clothes Last. Mend your clothes yourself, join a local mending workshop or hunt out and support a local alterations studio or tailor to help ensure your clothes are looking their best.


When buying new… look for brands that base their business model on a circular economy, recycling or upcycling. Be inspired by the beauty they create. Vote with your dollar!! ; Scraps to Caps ; Biodegradable and recycled swimwear ; #keepapoundoutoftheground ; one of the founding fathers of ethical fashion. ; vintage clothing ; ethical menswear for the conscious consumer ; deadstock fabrics used to create timeless pieces ; sustainable & ethical swimwear and activewear ; vintage denim repurposed ; creating a new generation of fabrics using recycled waste ; rainwear made from recycled plastic bottles ; sneakers made entirely of a yarn recycled from ocean waste and illegal deep-sea gill nets ; encouraging mindful consumption and continuously “encourages consumers to reevaluate the relationship” they have with their clothing ; liveable luxury consciously created in New Zealand ; with a mission to empower people and planet through sustainable design and creative culture ; sustainable and fair trade fashion ; environmentally friendly sneakers ; minimalist Scandi-inspired styles made with environmentally-friendly materials ; beautifully crafted jewellery made from fabulous trash to precious treasure ; a hight quality organic product made in a fair way and offering a free repair service, reselling second hand products and recycling worn out products


Don’t let all this doing good for the planet exhaust you. Take some time out for yourself to reflect and be mindful to the great choices you’ve made so far in being a more conscious citizen. Play, be happy and take time to be with your tribe.