The Cyndi Purse has been made from a mix of recycled fabrics... with recycled leather and faux fur being the key components. This faux fur has been taken from pre-loved and cuddled teddy bear fur (yup that’s right… teddy bear!!) and the other fabric from pre-loved clothing.  

You’ll never want to put this purse down… it’s so fluffy and soft!!

Black leather body with purple, black and white patterned teddy bear fur patchwork design & a black branded patch. Inside the lining is a funky mirror of what the outside looks like!!

Exterior:  22cm zip, 100% recycled teddy bear fur, 100% recycled leather, branded patch made using recycled clothing
Interior: 100% recycled lining, embossed leather branded patch

Dimensions: L23.5cm x W14cm

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Delivered to you in a box that has an 80% recycled content and fully recyclable... wrapped up in an acid free biodegradable tissue paper.