The Kate Krossbody Bag is made from a mix of recycled fabrics... with recycled leather being the key component and a faux fur trim made from recycled teddy bear fur (yup that’s right… teddy bear!!).  

This cross body bag is one of a kind!!

Dark chocolate and deep tan leather body, mixed teddy bear fur patchwork trim & a blue branded patch. Inside the lining a polka dot racey red! 

Exterior:  magnetic clasp to close, 100% recycled teddy bear fur, 100% recycled leather.
Interior: leather embossed label, 100% recycled lining.

Dimensions: L25cm x W25cm x StrapL116cm

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Delivered to you in a box that has an 80% recycled content and fully recyclable... wrapped up in an acid free biodegradable tissue paper.