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Let Your Love Outliv


At Outliv, we believe that fabric should out live us all and not be so easily disregarded and disposed of. 

We choose to make our bags from 100% high grade recycled clothing with a focus on Leather and Denim.  As a result of this design model every bag we make here in New Zealand is unique with no two ever the same.


We have been featured in:

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Made from high grade recycled denim... Stevie Slouch Pouch

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Shop our NEW style the Kate Krossbody Bag... made using recycled Teddy Bear fur!!!

By buying so much clothing and treating it as disposable we are putting a huge weight on the environment and its simply unsustainable
— Mark Angelo - River Blue the movie


Everybody has a responsibility to protect the Mother Earth
— Syeda Rizwana Hasan - Environmental Lawyer - River Blue